A New Year with a New Update

Happy New Year!!! I promised that I would keep up on blogging, but time has not been on my side. There are just not enough hours in the day and the last couple of months have been BUSY!!!

A quick recap of the last couple months: school for Luca is still fully remote, Luca lost another tooth, we started potty training with Luca, we went to Ohio to ring in 2021 and we are dealing with some serious jealousy between siblings in hour household (Luca and Landon are in a constant battle for attention!)

The Loving Luca Foundation was supposed to have a team running the Urban Bourbon Half Marathon as a fundraiser, but it was canceled. Instead, a few of the participants got together and ran/walked along Lake Michigan in Chicago!

Since I missed updating after Halloween, I cannot help but to share some pictures of Luca in his costume! For the FIRST time ever, he kept the whole thing on ❤ The weather was perfect and socially distancing guidelines were followed. It was so awesome to see how creative people could be with their candy distribution!

Luca had a teaser of getting to go back to school for four days a week for three hours a day. That lasted a whole two weeks before the schools closed down again due to the the rising numbers. There has been a huge battle with parents in our district versus the school board and it seems we are all on the losing end. Times are very sad and the children are suffering. I hope this all ends soon so they can get back in the classroom where they belong. E-learning is proven to not be effective and the special needs population is especially struggling. We’ve been doing as much ABA therapy as possible instead to supplement and while it’s expensive, it’s SO helpful!

I feel like the whole end 2020 was such a blur. I have no idea where the time went and what I accomplished, but somehow it flew by!

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