Just like that, Luca is SIX!

Wow, I can’t even wrap my head around where the last six years of my life went. They have been a roller coaster of emotions and full of changes!

I remember finding out that Luca had Partial Trisomy 13 when he was couple weeks old just like it was yesterday. I can still feel ALL the emotions I felt when I laid in bed ALL weekend thinking that he wasn’t going to survive his first year of life. It’s all so clear, yet also feels like a lifetime ago.

Here we are six years later! Not only is Luca thriving, but he’s also doing things we weren’t sure he would be doing. He’s walking, he’s learning, he’s feeding himself and he’s communicating. For a kid that didn’t appear to have amazing odds, I would say his are pretty great! Every single day I remind myself of how lucky I am and that things could always be worse.

Everyone who gets to know Luca falls in love with him. He’s so freaking happy with the most infectious laugh and smile. He laughs at the most random things and I find myself wondering what he’s really thinking. Surely the wind blowing the trees isn’t really funny, but maybe it is to Luca…..who knows?! Either way, I often find myself laughing with him at these random things because his laugh is THAT contagious. When he smiles, my heart melts. I just love to see that boy happy, so when he is, I am too. It’s not just me though…I think everyone who spends time with Luca feels the exact same. He can light up the room when he wants to!

Luca wasn’t dealt the best hand of cards when he was born. Let’s face it, neither were Greg and I. I had never even changed a diaper prior to having Luca, but there I was, a new mom with a baby that needed way more than the average baby. We learned fast and did everything we could to give that boy the best shot at the best life. It’s SO amazing to see how much he has accomplished and how all of that paid off. The seizures are the worst part of his diagnoses, but it seems those are under control for the time being too. There is just so much to celebrate today! This boy is just riding through life and loving every single minute of it (except quarantine, he didn’t love that so much 😉

Over these last six years, Luca has taught me so much! Patience is probably the most obvious to everyone who knows me, but it could still use some work! (Luca’s little brother, Landon, is probably the slowest human being I’ve ever met, so he really tests it 😉 I appreciate the simple things a little more. Luca loves the simple things and doesn’t really care about what anyone else thinks. He’s changing me in that way….I really try to not care what other people think as much because well, it’s just not important. Life is just so much better with him in it. He loves to watch the trees blow in the wind, to go for walks and check out the neighborhood and he’s happy with what he has. He doesn’t want things and is totally content using the same toys has played with for years. “New” is not something that matters to him and I’m trying to be better about that myself. Luca lives in the moment and we should all try to do the same. If we make the best of the hand we are dealt, that’s all we can do!

However, Luca firmly believes that you CAN have your cake and eat it too 😉

Looking Back: Luca Through the Years!

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