Four Years is a Long Time!

Today, a photo of Luca popped up in new newsfeed on Facebook as reminder of what I posted 4 years ago today. It’s one of my favorite photos of Luca to date! I was reminded of how much Luca has changed in the past four years and was overwhelmed with happiness!

In four years, Luca has learned to walk without help, climb stairs by holding a handrail with one hand, started communicating with us via his high tech communication device, learned to self feed and chew a larger variety of texture and we are working on potty training! There are many other smaller things, but these are the big ones that doctors were not sure Luca would ever achieve. Well, here we are four years later with some pretty big goals that have been achieved.

While we don’t know what the future holds exactly, I do know that it will be bright and that Luca will continue to amaze everyone! He is the such an incredible little boy with a drive to overcome his odds.

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